Services and Rates


All breed grooming available for show dogs and companion dogs

Short Hair Breeds   

Full Groom (Nail cutting, ear cleaning, bath, and 15min brushing)
Toy/small       $35.00 - $45.00
Small/medium    $40.00- $50.00  
Med/Large      $55.00 - $65.00
Giant               $65.00 - $75.00
Long Hair Breeds   

Full Groom (Nail cutting, ear cleaning, bath, and 15min brushing. Shaving/puppy cut/breed trim).

Toy/small                          $50.00 +
Small/medium                   $55.00 +
med/large                         $65.00 +
Large                                $80.00 +
Giant                                  $100.00 +

Toy & Small:  Chihuahua, Yorkie, Toy Poodle(under 10 lbs), Maltese(under 10 lbs), Long Hair Dachshunds, etc. and crosses of these.

Small/Medium:  Shih Tzu, Pekingnese, Bichon, Lhasa Apso, Mini Schnauzer, Pomeranian, American Eskimo, Beagle, Westies, Fox Terrier, Cairn Terrier, King Charles Spaniel, etc. and crosses of these.

Med/Large:  Cocker Spaniel, Sheltie, Standard Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Australian Shepherd, etc. and crosses of these.

Large:  Husky, Collies, Old English Sheepdog, Standard poodle, Golden Doodles, Setters, etc. and crosses of these.

Giant:  Bernese Mountain Dog, Akita,  Bouvier, Bullmastiff, Newfoundland, etc. (over 80 lbs)

A-La-Carte Items

Nail Trimming                            $10.00
Nail Grind                                  $10.00
Nail Trimming and grind              $15.00
Ear cleaning                                $10.00
Nail trimming and ear cleaning    $15.00
Teeth brushing                          $10.00
De-Matting $5.00/$10.00/$15.00/$20.00
Pull Hair From Ears/Flush: $10.00 - $20.00
Unsocial/Unfriendly/Difficult to Manage Behaviour: $55 an hour
All prices plus HST 15%

Better Behavior will exercise due care and precautions but will not be held responsible for escape, self-inflicted damage, theft, injury inflicted by other animals, illness, loss or any other unavoidable occurrences.